Texas Criminal Records Report

Texas criminal records report
What are my rights in regards to signing the medical records consent for Child PRotective Services in Texas?

If am the non offending parent involved in a child protective services investigation what will happen if I refuse to turn over my children’s medical records to Child Protective Services? The children are in my possession and we have left the presence of the alleged abuser as well as received a protective order. I have been cooperating fully with law enforcement and CPS but I feel it is a violation of our privacy to sign consent for records and there is nothing in the records to show evidence of abuse. There is a criminal report made and I am waiting for the District Attorneys decision on whether to prosecute the offender. If I release records and other information couldn’t that jeopardize the criminal investigation?

I think you should just comply with what ever they ask of you. As you stated they need the records to complete their investigation. You don’t want to go back to court and the CPS investigator is saying that you are not cooperating. I’m sure they have done way more intrusive stuff other than asking for your medical records.

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