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Texas Prison Records

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Texas prison records
I need some winter clothes and shoes, they can have defects.?

My sister who does not make much money, can not afford to buy me clothes. I am having a hard time finding a job because I self-imposed much pain and misery in my life by spending 35 years of my life in prison. Thus, I do not have a work record. I got a life sentence for theft and 30 years for agg. assault, and burglary of a building. I live at 701 Lloyd Ave., Fort Worth, Texas zip 76103. My name is Gary Clemons. I am 57 years old and have been diagnosed with major depression, hepatitis c, and arthritis. I really want a job. I am not going back to prison, this is why I am begging instead of doing crimes. Thank you for the response you give me, and your time and concern.
I wear size 10 shoes,40waist 30 lenght
pants, 2X shirts, 2x coat.

Your last question, you were in jail 33 years, not 35, troll!

Texas Criminal Record Report

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Texas criminal record report

Running a Texas Criminal Records Background Check

In the past doing a Texas criminal records background check would take time, patience, and in some cases a little bit of money. Fortunately this is no longer the case as it is now possible to use internet criminal record search sites to do the work in less time for a fraction of the cost.

The records that you will gain access to are all part of the public record which makes them available to anyone who wants them. These records, while freely available, used to be hard to find just for the fact that they were kept on microfiche or files in folders at different government agencies or the court houses in which the person was processed. Over time they have been moved to computerized databases that are becoming more readily available online.

In many cases all you will need is the persons first and last name and state of residence. The types of records you will have access to include court records, current and past arrest warrant reports, marriage and divorce records, birth information, property taxes and liens, sex offenses, driving records, and aliases the person may have used.

There are cases where all the information that applies to a criminal case is not revealed because of the different privacy laws that exist at the federal and state level. Because some of this information is of a sensitive nature, such as witness names and statements, it is kept hidden from public view. This does not affect the fact that if someone has a criminal record it will show up in a background check. These privacy laws simply protect those who need to be protected because of someone else’s criminal activities.

If you choose to use one of the nationwide databases to check on someone’s criminal record in the state of Texas you can rest assured that you will remain anonymous. No one will know that you have checked up on them unless you present them the evidence of their past activities.

As these Texas criminal records databases become more and more complete the information you are looking for can be found quickly and easily. This will give you a good idea about certain people’s backgrounds and whether or not they would make a good employee or be someone you trust in your home and around your family.

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Texas Criminal Records Report

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Texas criminal records report
What are my rights in regards to signing the medical records consent for Child PRotective Services in Texas?

If am the non offending parent involved in a child protective services investigation what will happen if I refuse to turn over my children’s medical records to Child Protective Services? The children are in my possession and we have left the presence of the alleged abuser as well as received a protective order. I have been cooperating fully with law enforcement and CPS but I feel it is a violation of our privacy to sign consent for records and there is nothing in the records to show evidence of abuse. There is a criminal report made and I am waiting for the District Attorneys decision on whether to prosecute the offender. If I release records and other information couldn’t that jeopardize the criminal investigation?

I think you should just comply with what ever they ask of you. As you stated they need the records to complete their investigation. You don’t want to go back to court and the CPS investigator is saying that you are not cooperating. I’m sure they have done way more intrusive stuff other than asking for your medical records.