Texas Divorce Public Record

Texas divorce public record
Does anyone know about warranty deeds and/or divorce agreements in the state of texas? Need help, cant find it?

My fiance got his house in a divorce agreement (through the courts) in 1999, his ex-wifes name was never removed from the paper work and he was told it would cost him alot to do so. He figured since the judge awarded it to him, that she could never mess with that, but now that he wants to sell it he cant seem to get the paper work in order and no one will help him. She was legally suppose to sign a warranty deed that would get this all in order, but no one can find this deed and the public records lady is the most unhelpful person you could come across. He just doesnt want to deal with his ex-wife, he wants to do the paper work without having to talk to her… anyone know anything that could help us?

some one is going to have to talk to the ex wife, either hire a lawyer or tell your fiancé to man up call the ex, if her name is on the title still she will have to sign off in order to sell the place , no matter what the divorce decree may say since it is only binding upon the two parties , and since no one seemed to want to deal with it then, now you have to deal with it

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