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Texas Gov Records

Friday, October 30th, 2009

Texas gov records
Question about consolidation of defaulted student loans…?

I took out a student loan 5 years ago to go to college. Defaulted on loan (financially unable to repay).

Collector for Texas Guaranteed Student Loans Blah Blah called me yesterday, and guided me through the steps for the online application for consolidating the defaulted loan here:

He said it is a government program set up to give people who have defaulted on student loans a second chance.

Gentleman told me that if my applications is approved (and it probably will be), when it is processed, the record will show that I no longer owe money on a student loan.

Question is: once the record reflects my new situation (loan consolidated, debt no longer shows up, etc.), can I apply for and get another student loan?

Usually you have to make 6 on time payments before they will clear your default completely.

You can go to and you will be able to view your loan history. Right now your loans will show as in a default status, once that default status is removed, you will then be able to apply for fin. aid. Or as soon as you receive a letter from the Dept. of Ed (not a lender or servicer) but directly from the Dept. of Ed. you can then apply for federal aid again.

Keep good records of all your paperwork relating to the clearing of your default, as you most likely will be required to turn this paperwork into the financial aid office at the school you want to attend.

Good luck

Coke County Public Records

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

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Dui Attorney Q&a

3000$ Attorney+penality or is it better to adopt the 1200$ penality + Comm service for a DUI? ?
I am still wondering if i should hire a lawyer to represent me in the court and try to bring down the charges because to hire attorney will cost more than paying actual penalty. the only issue is to do community service and…

Anyone represent themselves (without attorney) within court within Orlando, Florida, for DUI formerly?
Only the Dumb ones… Bad impression. If you notice, even famous attorneys are represented by another attorney when they are the Defendant contained by court. Judges are attorneys, and they don’t like amateurs in their courtrooms. It have been said that “A person representing themselves surrounded by a…

Can anyone recommend a polite dui attorney for a resonable excise for 1st time guilty party contained by firth nouns, california?
looking for a good dui attorney in Bay Area, California..alameda county for a resonable flat rate charge between 1-3000k for 1st time offender. Use the Public Defender’s office… they know the ins and outs of your local courts much better…

Can i get hold of apt attorney info online in the region of how pa and az dirving offence effect respectively other (dui and drug arres?
no lincen cause dui susp in pa. moved to az. caught driving no li surrounded by az. 2 mo later dui and drug possesiton (same time) in az. moved vertebrae 2 pa befor court. can…

Can someone recommend an excellent DUI Attorney contained by the Atlanta Metro nouns?
I would prefer not to deal with a voluminous firm where I am just a number. I would close to based on experience or personal knowledge. This is a fundamentally complicated case and I am from out of state. It does not have to be a lofty priced…

Court tomorrow for DUI surrounded by CA. No attorney/blew .17bac. any proposal for my court audible range please?
I am so glad that I did not hurt anybody or myself. So I dont need the run around thank you! What do they ask? Do you make a personal statement? Guilty or no contest? etc. I would appreciate anything. Thank you if…

Do I inevitability an attorney for my DUI?
I am 18. My BAC percent was .152. Monroe, Louisiana was where on earth I was arrested Either the bail bond guy or the cop that arrested me told me there is no point contained by getting an attorney cause of my situation. but I want to know if thats true? I really…

Do i obligation an attorney to appear contained by court to plead no contest to a dui.. they are reasonably expensive ..?
You don’t need a lawyer if you plan to simply plead no contest. You are throwing yourself on the mercy of the court and hoping the D.A. will afford you a break by not forcing them into a trial…

Do u know where on earth can i achieve an attorney here contained by IOWa for 1st offense DUI?
I Got a DUI last month in iowa..and i don’t own an attorney. was wondering if there free attorneys contained by iowa .. Judge said they would help with a public ally but so far i havent heard from him/her. Open the…

Do you other necessitate a criminal attorney for a DUI offense?
This is in Tampa Florida if thats relevant If you want a chance for it to be reduced to a ill-considered driving or thrown out completely, get a lawyer. Source(s):

Do you requirement to hire an attorney if you are pleading guilty for DUI?
My fiance got arrested last Saturday hours of darkness for DUI but I was wondering if he needed an attorney if he was planning on pleading guilty? Since it’s transparent that he is since he did fail the breathalizer but is it now important for me to…

Does anyone know a dutiful DUI attorney within Columbus Ohio?
Unfortunately my fiance made a stupid decision to drive himself home from a party the other darkness and was pulled over by the franklin county sheriff and arrested and charged with a DUI. We posted bail but be wondering if anyone knew a good attorney and what the consequence would be…

Does anyone know an attorney contained by the Orlando nouns that specializes contained by DUI’s?
I was hoping to talk to someone over the phone… procure an idea of cost. Criminal Defense Lawyer & DUI Attorney (407) 540-1551 401 N Mills Ave, Ste D, Orlando, FL 32803 Orlando DUI Attorney / DWI Lawyer (407) 513-4544 Orlando, FL 32801 Cool… I…

Does anyone know of a perfect attorney that deal w/ dui’s?
Does anyone have references on Neil Shouse or Earl Carter and associates or how give or take a few Ross Howell Sobel… I have been trying to see on splash for any reviews on these three firms but no luck…. so hopefully someone can recommend a good attorney for LA…

Does anyone know of a polite, inexpensive DUI attorney contained by Spartanburg, SC?
My sister received a DUI 2 weeks ago in Spartanburg, SC. She doesn’t have any money and I am not going to loan it to her, but I would resembling to be able to give her any information that I can about attorneys in her area. Thank you….

DUI / DWI…is it a apt opinion to procure a dui attorney?? NEED DESPERATE HELP?
Ok..i’m in sort of a big predicament. My bf and I got pulled over and he is, I believe, charged next to a dui. He has recieved a dwi in 04′, so I’m really stressed out and coy here. I was actually the one that be…

DUI Attorney Probation Violation?
un 2003 I was convicted of a dui. I just only just enrolled in 2008 and as a consequence I be given 45 days in jail for not enrol due to terms of my probation. I finished the courses on time but do not hold the money to pay the class to submit completion. I need my…

DUI ATTORNEYS..PLZ HELP! Got a DUI within CA and live surrounded by TN majority of the year. What do I do?
I live in CA part-time and TN the other..I own a TN DL and a CA ID card. I have never had a speeding ticket previously and I am very scared. My court date is -1/6/09. I hold a registered…

DUI Expungement attorney?
You can file the paperwork yourself for a nomial fee. I won my shield when the state dropped the charges. Do I need to get an attorney to enjoy my record expunged? Should be very cut and dried since the state dropped the charges on me. Go to the local court where on earth your case was dismissed…

Dui HELP Please!! Should I acquire an Attorney?
I blew a 2.2 and a 2.1. The officer says I refused a chemical trial, which I sort of did by refusing to CHOOSE blood or urine, but I didn’t understand why he needed a chemical interview when he had 3 different breathalizer tests. Anyway, I know I deserved the dui, the just…

First time DUI and Scared! How much for a fitting Attorney usually?? Can an appointed be as basically as honest?
I did not resist in any way, and followed through next to all the tests the police give me. I was told that as long as I followed through with their information that I could possibly go home the same darkness,…

For a first time DUI contained by Orange County, California, do I inevitability to acquire an attorney?
I am going through a divorce and it’s really miserable at home as we are still under the same roof. After work, I stopped at CVS and bought a big bottle of rum and 2 2-ltr bottles of diet coke. I be planning on…

Good DUI Attorney surrounded by the San Bernardino, CA nouns?
First time DUI, BAC is gonna be higher than .20%. Also a hit n run misdemeanor. Property damage should be no more than $500. Need a damn obedient attorney, money is not an issue i just need the lowest possible sentence. Do not bother beside a lawyer, they will only nick…

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Texas County Property Records

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Texas county property records
How do I find out if my husband really did pay off our property mortgage?

We live in Harris County, Texas and recently we came into a large sum of money. My husband is a control freak and though he tells me he paid the mortgage off, how can I find out if he did. He keeps all his records at work so I have nothing to really go by. I do know I’m on the deed and I know both my and his SIN’s. My son in law said I could probably look it up on line but I’ve been having a devil of a time. All the sites seem to want money for information I don’t need and the government site reads like hieroglyphics. Help.

NO, it’s simple
CALL the lender, with the property address, names and SSN, you can get the balance on the mortgage, assuming it’s in your name
Can also go to county, recorder of deeds and find out if a release deed has been filed, release of mortgage on your property. . .you need the property PIN from the tax bill, or can get it by the address. . . .often available online, but in person, also