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Texas Criminal Records Look Up

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Texas criminal records look up
Caught Stealing from JCPenney?

A friend and I were caught stealing in about 3 weeks JCPenney. We are both less than fifteen years. We live Texas and we also have the criminal record. This was our first and last offense. We received a class a misdemeanor, and were placed in detention centers for one night. Today I received a civil lawsuit to pay $ 400. I want to know what might happen after that. We will be sent to reform school again? We will be on probation? Is there a way to make things better for us to assert our arguments look better? Need advice soon. Please and thank you for your help!

I think you should pay the civil action, or otherwise reproduced quickly and get collection agencies coming after you pay. Pay immediately. Since I was dirty, mean probably you have a hearing date and may have a criminal record. Access to lawyers as soon as possible and ask if you can get as a diversion option – essentially an agreement to do community service and fines, and if done properly, the criminal record is clean.

Texas Public Death Record

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Texas public death record
ft.levanworth, Kansas, how can I find a policeman?

There was an Air Force Sgt. formerly part of an elite group but fell in disgrace and spent time in 6-11 years ft.levanworth was Austin, Texas, and his name was David James Bay anyone know how I can know what happened with him and when realeased? I try to find the rest of the story after he was captured. where I live is common knowledge, but I'm not sure about this case. He faked his own death in 1995 and traveled to California and was captured there. after being sentenced Where was he?

I think it is in a prison somewhere.

Texas Public Access Courts

Sunday, August 24th, 2008

Texas public access courts
clarifaction in the previous post: In Harris County, Texas Family File proofs of what a "trial on the merits"?

Received a blue card in the mail saying that "the order scheduling and notice of intention to dismiss." Original Maintenance OAG typical children / custody order between the CP and the NCP. nec not involved w / children, two visits and maintenance (after $ 24,000) in the last nine. Finally in June 2009, nec placed on probation for non-payment. in December 2009, the CPS became involved and removed cp child and family care cp-step. Bc attorney general of the previous command, if nec CPS has served. permanency hearing in May 2010. I understand. check. but now a trial? It has been well established by June 2010 "on the merits" say something about a dismissal for failure to prosecute? I do not understand all this? Site of the County not to allow online access if family courts to the public. can only be seen by lawyers. Google takes a few steps, but anwer. Someone may clarify this letter? Thank you in advance.

You have received an opinion of the Court that the case is a list of test cases for two weeks in June In Harris County, the tests are provided in an agenda for two weeks from Monday and the case could actually be called a trial period. The date has not been a test configuration hard and fast, but you can probably expect that the case is really assigned at the time. A test of "substance" means just that. Presence of both parties on the merits of their positions at trial. Without seeing what the opinion other is that I can not really say, because the court may dismiss a case for a number of different reasons. I think in this case are probably say that if the applicant does not appear for the test or other judicial aspect notified (ie, a hearing or call the file), the Court classified the case.