Texas Prison Records

Texas prison records
I need some winter clothes and shoes, they can have defects.?

My sister who does not make much money, can not afford to buy me clothes. I am having a hard time finding a job because I self-imposed much pain and misery in my life by spending 35 years of my life in prison. Thus, I do not have a work record. I got a life sentence for theft and 30 years for agg. assault, and burglary of a building. I live at 701 Lloyd Ave., Fort Worth, Texas zip 76103. My name is Gary Clemons. I am 57 years old and have been diagnosed with major depression, hepatitis c, and arthritis. I really want a job. I am not going back to prison, this is why I am begging instead of doing crimes. Thank you for the response you give me, and your time and concern.
I wear size 10 shoes,40waist 30 lenght
pants, 2X shirts, 2x coat.

Your last question, you were in jail 33 years, not 35, troll!

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