Texas Inmate Arrest Records

Texas inmate arrest records
3rd DUI In Texas – Sentanced? Released? Probation?

A Girl i know has had 2 DUI’s and was just last month arrested on her 3rd one, I cannot get in touch with her (long story and shes 500 miles away from me or more) let alone i dont even think she would want to talk with me but im concerned for her and whats happened. She was in CO. Jail 45 days and i kept checking the inmate info on the website to see what all has happened however after her court date the other day it now shows no record on her, Does anyone know what this means? was she possibly sentanced and released untill she has to go do her time? Surley she will have to do some or quite abit since this is a felony, As far as i know there was NO accident involved in any of the cases thankfully. Knowing i have no way of contacting her what so ever i was just curious to know if anyone would know how i tell if she was sentanced and for how long or whatever might have happened after her court date. Any info would be much appreciated

Assuming that the “girl” is an adult and that this was her 3rd conviction within a 10-year period, “Common Sense” will be happy to hear that the minimum sentence would he 2 years, and she could have been sentenced to as many as 10 years.

The link below will take you to the offender locator page of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. That will show you both the facility where she has been incarcerated and her projected release date.

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