Texas Marriage Deed

Texas marriage deed
New wife’s rights to existing equity in home in Texas?

I am in texas. Recently married. He and I are trying to figure out how this works without having to retain an attorney. We both want everyone to feel comfortable and secure with our decisions.

He has to refinance his home by Aug 1. He can only refinance in his name (due to my rating). My name will be on the Deed. If something bad happens one day and we are divorced or he passes (God Help me) are my rights only to the equity that is built up after our date of marriage? Or the equity (period) on the house. My husband has a good soul and says that half of everything is mine from the day we get married…but I am not sure how it works legally.

I hope i have given enough info….this stuff is so stressful.

I am selling my house and planning on putting the equity towards his house…is that a good decision or should I do college funds. UGH…
I guess this is more of a legal question than real estate question.

Unless he has willed his property to his children you would get everything in the event of his death.

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