Texas County Jail Inmate Records

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How can you find an inmate’s SID number online?

Does anyone have any links to websites I can go to in order to find the SID number of a jail inmate? By the way, it’s for Bexar County, Texas, and I already went to their website, but couldn’t find anything. There’s only the activity record with the names and offenses of the inmates.

sorry girl but you can’t do that i already tried

anyway the only way you can get it is to ask whoever is your friends family member they should know it or if theyve only been in for a while they SHOULD let you visit.

also i was serious when i said thats the ONLY way, because its very private to know for some reason.. i dont understand but then again i guess if it was that easy to find then.. that wouldnt be good either

oh and if you gave birth to his child then i believe you can just go visit and ask him yourself…. orrrrr if youre the wife same applys but im positive you can just visit, or if you think by some chance they put you on the list then go visit and ask yourself btw the jail wont give out that type of info even if you have his full name adress bla bla bla…. 🙁

i was looking for my bfs SID and hes in that same exact jail..well you didnt say what jail cause after all bexar is a county in texas lmao but yeah hes in county =[ i live in S.A. ! 🙂

i hope everything works out!! good luck! 😀

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