Texas Jail House Records

Texas jail house records
If I signed a contract at the age of 17 years, I am still legally obligated?

My partner and I live in the dorms University in Texas. We were surprised with pipes for the campus police gave us a citation for possession of paraphernalia drugs. They also found a bag with the ashes, seeds and stems from what he said we were lucky not to go to jail. Nevertheless ie, they are now kicking. We try to tell you that it was not ours, but the secret police searched us and told us that he pleaded guilty. He never said anything that was ours or who smoked. In fact, do not tell us much. We have not heard the recording, but I said nothing about our being. I signed the lease when I was 17. So it void the contract? Or not because I am now 18 years? What should we do or we're screwed? And the police are not allowed to watch, if you are under age and without the presence of their parents? One of the boys who were just 17 and he is the one who slapped down.

People focus on attacking you instead of actually responding the question and the police response, of course, do not tell you point one of the arguments that could be lowered. He was 17 when he signed the contract if the age of 18 can not enter into a legally binding contract without the consent of a parent or a guarantor, I doubt he was in a housing contract the college. The university is the kick, because you have signed the contract and agreed to its terms. It is a rare exception to 17 at the time of signing the contract which is not really a big deal unless such a situation arises. They can not throw … you have to call decision, a lawyer and let them know that you never legally acceptable housing conditions, not the legal age according to the terms and conditions of a contract … Most college students would be 18 so no problem kicking. No need to strip the 18, now that I 17 contracts signed is not valid it will be your only way out of this you need to concentrate all the interest in an area you want to stay on campus.

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