Texas State Criminal Records

Texas state criminal records
If you receive a citation for illegal entry, ends on your criminal record?

I was wondering because some idiots put a criminal invasion me without reason and has received a summons telling me not to go to the place of business. I have done nothing wrong, the person was an idiot and I wanted to draw attention I guess. I worry it will be on my criminal record and not have one, and doing nothing illegal (I've never had an excess speed!). I get a lawyer and this fight? I know I can get the videotape of the event and say that the secretary was clearly a lie that I was the secretary of harassment. This is for the State of Texas.

The State of Texas defines intrusion as a Class C misdemeanor TPC 30.05. It is not uncommon for minor offenses such as this to be cited for the price later in court without a person in custody. The prosecution, however, is a criminal, not in the same category as a traffic ticket (which is a simple violation). He want ow can fight as a conviction entered on your record as a criminal conviction for a crime (although the lowest level). I suggest contacting a lawyer, or if you can not pay, the Public Defender's Office for local representation. Good luck!

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