Texas Public Records Information

Texas public records information
Need to know how to get property value online from public records without paying for it.?

Looking for property value on my grandmother’s land. I live in Texas and she is in Kentucky. Our there any online sites I can go to to get this information without having to pay for it? She is in Arjay, KY, Bell county. Any help would be great.

Go to the website for the county the property is in, either find the assesors office or the treasurer. You should be able to look up the property by its PIN (parcel Identification Number, or sometimes Permanent ID Number). That will give you its listed value and it is free because it is public record. If you can’t figure this out on the net just call the county and someone should be able to look it up. You just need that PIN, if you don’t have the PIN call the county and give them the address.

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