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Houston County Public Records

Friday, August 14th, 2009

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Special prosecutor views allegations in Harris case
The special prosecutor assigned to review a complaint about Midland County Precinct 2 Constable Charles “Choc” Harris said Monday that he had not decided if the case should be presented to a grand jury.

Texas County Property Records

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Texas county property records
How do I find out if my husband really did pay off our property mortgage?

We live in Harris County, Texas and recently we came into a large sum of money. My husband is a control freak and though he tells me he paid the mortgage off, how can I find out if he did. He keeps all his records at work so I have nothing to really go by. I do know I’m on the deed and I know both my and his SIN’s. My son in law said I could probably look it up on line but I’ve been having a devil of a time. All the sites seem to want money for information I don’t need and the government site reads like hieroglyphics. Help.

NO, it’s simple
CALL the lender, with the property address, names and SSN, you can get the balance on the mortgage, assuming it’s in your name
Can also go to county, recorder of deeds and find out if a release deed has been filed, release of mortgage on your property. . .you need the property PIN from the tax bill, or can get it by the address. . . .often available online, but in person, also

Texas County House Records

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Texas county house records
I am going to juvenile court. I need help?

Hi, a few months ago i was at my friends house and we were messing around and i got on his computer and started posting things on his friends’ statuses on facebook. Well i posted “im gonna rape you” on this girls status but quickly deleted it, but her mom saw and took a picture of it while she had the chance. So the police talked to me at school and now after 2 months when i thought it was over, i have to go to Collin County (in texas) juvenile court. Do you think im going to get more than a few hours of community service? Or maybe just a warning? What do you think will happen to me? I have a clean record and i get amazing grades in school.

your mother is stupid for giving it to the police. anyway girls rape a white guys
chance of a job everyday. til girls learn to play fair and do reverse discrimination
against a girl apply for jobs it will continue