Texas County Court House Records

Texas county court house records
Speeding ticket dismisal?

I got a speeding ticket a lil over a month ago and im supposed to appear before the 26th. So ive been to the court house twice and they still dont have my ticket in the system so yesturday i called them and they said for me to call on the 26th and if it isnt in the system on the 26th then bring my copy of the ticket in and they will put it on record. Now my question is if i call about it on the 26th and its still not in then can i just not go up there and forget about the ticket so it wont be on my record, i mean to do state troopers have a tendacy to forget to turn tickets in? has this happened to any one else? did u get away with it? BTW i got the ticket in Montgomery County Texas if that helps at all….
Thanks to all serious and helpfull answers.

It’s very rare that a trooper loses a citation, but it happens. You’re certainly under no obligation to assist the state in prosecuting your case by bringing your copy of the ticket to the court. The best way to go is to come to court with a couple of friends as witnesses on the date and time listed on the ticket. Present the clerk with your driver’s license, and if they cannot find any records, feel free to go home. If the worst comes to worst and the citation does make it into the system sometime afterwards, you’ll be protected against any failure to appear charges.

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