Texas Civil Records

Texas civil records
In Texas what is your legal right in a court case, if information about your medical and financial records..?

What if those records were obtained without your authorization and done without your knowledge to be used in a court of law. Is this admissible in court in a civil or criminal case? If not, is obtaining discovery information without warrant or subpoena, illegal?

It depends on what is being tried. For instance if you are alleging that you have physical medical type damages, then you bet those documents are discoverable.

As a general rule all facts are discoverable. As long as your opponent can show that your medical records are relevant to a case or can lead to relevant information that they are discoverable.

As far as a subpoena or a warrant. Yes you would technically need a subpoena to get medical records from a non-party…but here let me make a subpoena…done.

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