Texas Death Marriage Records

Texas death marriage records
How do I find a lost friend?

I dated a guy by the name of Michael E Dungan back about 15 years ago in Houston, Texas. I drove by his home a couple of years ago and found that his home had burned to the ground. Ever since I have wondered if he survived the fire. I have looked at Civil Records for Marriage and Births and deaths in my county and nothing, I have searched reunion.com ($60.00) all I found was his name and where he was born. I have looked on whitepages.com again I find the city he was born – IF I pay $$ I can search further. I have tried Zaba and the same information.

Any other advice???

try myspace.com, i havnt seen or heard from this girl i grew up with since i was in third grade, and i looked around on myspace and i found her.

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