Texas Civil Public

Texas civil public
does the university of texas school of law help the public in law matters, if so, how? I need help.?

major case, sheriffs dept in guadalupe county withholding truth about child porn on a harddrive that we discovered. they are hiding truth because of her ex husband being friends with the sheriffs dept., we just got a copy of the harddrive after battle with the DA office, and are looking for a computer forensics specialist to open and uncover the truth and be able to tell as well if its been tampered with. Since the harddrive was discovered, my girlfriend has had close to forty charges leveled on her mostly civil in nature through the investigator hiding the child porn, because they are protecting cps who she made outcrys about her ex’s sexual deviance and didn’t want her ll yr old to go with him. We have exhausted our money all in legal fees and need the help direly. She was rearrested past Thurs., and is still in jail without bail, all behind the harddrive. Its in their best interest to bury her so to speak to protect their lie.

try the local county mental health office

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