Texas Free Criminal Record Search

Texas free criminal record search
Are there any FREE public arrest records online?

I was wondering if there are any websites that produce public criminal records for FREE like they advertise? I have been searching for a while and once I type in a name I want to search a box pops up wanting my credit card info for my free ‘trial’…I just want a real fee search!

I’m searching in the state of Texas if that helps…
I also live in another state…I want to check and see if my boyfriend has a record…I have been contacted by someone who has told me some pretty scary stuff…just want to verify.

You have a couple of options when searching for criminal information in Texas. Texas offers a state wide search of court case information. The search allows a free basic subscription which includes one free name search per calendar day. They also offer a paid subscriptions service that allows additional search options.

You can also search court records on the County Court websites by name, case or cause number.

Another option is to contact the Court Clerk and see what information they can provide you.

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