Texas Gov Record

Texas gov record
Did "Big Oil" to choose Sarah Palin as GOP vice president choice?

With my best friends in the oil industry, George Bush and Dick Cheney to leave office, not Exxon and the rest of the American oil cartel to another power play and force John McCain to choose Sarah Palin as his VP selection? Is it because she supports allowing the oil industry to drill anywhere you want, unlike Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who opposes offshore drilling? Is it the oil industry needs a friend to help them continue to achieve record profits, while the U.S. economy suffers because of $ 4 a gallon that Great Oil is the fuel load we do here in Texas? Econ 101? You kidding? You do not know with the appointment to speak and remove all doubt about your ignorance? Putin selecting Biden? No. no and I think it's a shame that Bush and Cheney have enabled Russia to re-totalitarianism on his watch he did. It's a shame that we have not safe right now the president is not it?

I think I did, I thought the longer you want to drill up there, but not help us for a long, long time and with all the money that we can help China not here in America

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