Texas County Background Check

Texas county background check
Had a charge for theft in Nov 04 go dismissd in March of 06?

I currently appied for the Texas Dept of Corrections. I was told my background check came back with me being charge with theft in 04. I went to the county clerk office and got my paper work and faxed it off to them down in texas showing that on March 29 2006 it states: “this matter having been deferred for 180 days, comes on for dismissal hearing. Defendant’s counsel informs the court that the defendant has not broken any laws. On motion of the State of Indiana, the court dismisses this matter…

I currently work of the Indiana DOC and didn’t have a problem but had to show this case summary. Will this hurt me of getting my job down in Texas and also why is this keep showing up on my record when I don’t have a Felony???

Anyone can help with this i greatly appericate it..

I you are arrested for an an offense, the record (of the actual arrest) will not be off your record unless it is expunged or pardoned. Even if you are in a deferral program or similar, where as there is no record of a conviction on your record because you did the classes, community service, probation, etc. The state police and FBI will still maintain a record that you were arrested on that date. If you are in a background check for a clearance or will be associated with law enforcement, corrections, you may want to bring it up.

As far as Indiana, they may have not caught it or they looked passed it because you were a good candidate.

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