Texas Birth Records Online

Texas birth records online
onlline vital records?

Does anyone know where I can find records of birth online for the state of Louisiana in Caddo parrish? I can find Texas but am at a loss for Louisiana and I am doing genealogy work and need some records. Thanks

You can’t. Louisiana Parishes feel it is cutting into their revenue to have vital records on line.

I live in Beaumont. You can get the complete Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics Birth and Death indexes online. I am surprised it goes all the way through 2000.
Texas is very helpful with providing info. I find Louisiana a problem. However, all states have clamped down on providing certificates to other than the immediate family by increasing the time period that needs to have elapse due to invasion of privacy and identity theft.

I really don’t have roots too much in Louisiana. A set of great great grandparents came in through the Port of New Orleans in 1853. We have found records where my great grandfather and my great grandmother were living in Tangipahoa Parish in 1870. I wrote the Parish regarding marriage record which would have been 1870-1872 with a SASE and asking the cost to obtain a copy if they had a record. Never heard anything. All they had to do was write a little note at the bottom of my letter and put it in the SASE and send it back.

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