Texas Death People Search

Texas death people search
How can I find out what my fiance grandfathers whole name was…?

We don’t talk to any of his family. They are horrible people and we would like to know his grandfather whole name…we know the first and last name, but we would like to know his middle name. We are having trouble finding a 2nd boys name for our 2nd child and I thought it would be nice to name him after my fiance’s grandfather since they were close. Is there anywhere I can search online for it or something. I don’t know the exact date of death, but I know it was in 1995 in San Antonio Texas. Any help?
We don’t know his date of birth or anything like that. All we know is he passed away in 1995…am I going to have any luck?

If you would like to email me or edit your question to include his name, I will do the search for you, and email you with the name if I find it.
Hope this helps.

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