Texas State Marriage Records

Texas state marriage records
Will Ted Olson be able to convince Anthony Kennedy to declare marriage as a right for same sex couples?

In the past,

Ted Olson convinced Anthony Kennedy to:
-Make the dumbest man in the country, George W. Bush, president of the United States. (2000)
-Give corporations unlimited free speech. (2010)

(both of which, were 5 to 4 decisions)

Ted Olson seems to be good at convincing Anthony Kennedy to make radical decisions.

Now, this conservative icon is arguing a case to legalize same sex marriage.

Kennedy has a pro-gay rights record:
-Romer v. Evans 1996 (protects sexual orientation)
-Lawrence v. Texas 2003 (legalized sodomy)

However, there’s one exception:
2000 By Scouts of America v. Dale: Kennedy ruled that boy scouts can ban gays from joining them.

Your thoughts?

I think it’s possible, hopefully, because Kennedy is a con, but despite that fact, he has been known to listen. So Olson’s opinion and background may help him do the right thing

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