Texas Search Court Records

Texas search court records
Accused of theft please help!?

Me and a friend were at Walmart and the following are taken to prevent loss of recording and had a bag full of bad things. We were both told to empty our pockets and no one was no room for us to see gaps in order not could not say he had nothing. if the police were called to be both arrested and takin to jail following the final im not I be accused of theft. I have court costs and fines, community service, probation for six months and had to take a course of flight while the other girl just to receive? $ 200 fine and now its your hard disk How can I reduce my enrollment? It really does not have the money to another lawyer and my freedom will be held Oct.11 PLEASE HELP! I live in Texas also

1) Hanging with a better class of friends, real friends will not let you suspended or in trouble. 2) Since you have been convicted should have been paid by you. 3) Without any evidence that was in the bag, went down Both, she sold him to save his skin.

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