Texas Public Property Records

Texas public property records
Should all arrests be recorded?

I just want some opinions here. There are a lot of instances out there of police officers arresting a bystander for filming or otherwise recording police activity. Many of these bystanders were doing nothing more than pointing a camera at a routine traffic stop. Some were even on their own property. Police don’t seem to like being filmed, even though in many states, it is a citizens right to record anything in public that they wish. For instance, Where I live (Texas) conversations only need the consent of one party to be recorded or filmed. In light of all this, I reach my question? Should legislature be passed to a) protect citizens who wish to record police activity in public, and/or b) require all arrests to be recorded somehow. Also, ideas on how this second idea could work would be interesting. Thanks.

The right to videotape a police officer while s/he conducts their public duties is recognized as protected speech – well-established by the courts.

e.g. Robinson v Fetterman:


You should also take a look at this case which has gained attention in the media recently:


I personally feel that it is not only our right to monitor those with authority, but an obligation that stands to protect the very rights that our country was founded upon.

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