Texas Public Records Check

Texas public records check
When Palin said living next to Russia gives her foreign affairs?

experience, does that mean that those in Texas or Florida have foreign affairs experience with Cuba and Mexico?
The college had to do a little checking up on that, if I am wrong please site the case. To date there is no record of her ever meeting with Russian leaders to work out a plan on anything. Someone should give her a map. Florida is closer to Cuba than Alaska is to Russia.
Many people in Florida have visited Cuba, their is no record of her visiting Russia. She did not until now even have a pass port. So how was she keeping in contact with Russian leaders?
This is a serious question, she could be the next leader of our country.
Was this answer deceptive? Did it sound to you like she was trying to convince the public of something she actually didn’t do?
When Bush went into office we did not know until now what kind of a president he would be, but on some issues he was deceptive to the public. Do you want someone else who is deceptive or trys to be to the public?

I did hear her say that in an interview with Katy Couric and I had to wonder about that. It didn’t make any sense to me.
I feel like all the politicians lie and the bible says that Satan is the ruler of the world. So who is behind all the world leaders?
Certainly isn’t God. Would God lie?

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