Texas Marriage People Search

Texas marriage people search
Does anyone know of any pagan festivals or campsites?

My boyfriend and I have been together a year and are beginning to discuss marriage. I am a Catholic, and he is Pagan, but we are both very open and accepting about each other’s beliefs. We have been going to a private reserve in Texas for our pagan festivals, but the owner recently found out that I was Catholic and has forbid us from attending in the future.

We are looking to find a new spiritual home where we might celebrate our respective pagan beliefs and the people are not closed-minded or intolerant of non-pagan participants.
We are from New Orleans, but are willing to travel anywhere in the continental United States with enough advance notice. Our previous Festivals were usually Fri-Sun, so we’re looking for a similar experience.

I have done Google and Yahoo searches with few usable results. I would really like to hear from the American pagan community about festivals that you have attended and read any suggestions you might have.

Anyone who doesn’t worship the living God is a de facto pagan.

Pretty much any music or other festival is pagan, you are spoiled for choice!

Just compare them with the Baal-worshippers in the old testament!
“And they took the bullock which was given them, and they dressed it, and called on the name of Baal from morning even until noon, saying, O Baal, hear us. But there was no voice, nor any that answered. And they leaped upon the altar which was made.” (1 Ki.18:26)

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