Texas Corporate Records

Texas corporate records
Will John McCain be in the pocket of the Saudi’s?

Per Newsweek he’s met w/them already. Fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were Saudi, as most people know already. Why are they trying to influence him already?


national finance co-chair Tom Loeffler, a former Texas congressman whose lobbying firm has collected nearly $15 million from Saudi Arabia since 2002 and millions more from other foreign and corporate interests, including a French aerospace firm seeking Pentagon contracts. Loeffler last month told a reporter “at no time have I discussed my clients with John McCain.” But lobbying disclosure records reviewed by NEWSWEEK show that on May 17, 2006, Loeffler listed meeting McCain along with the Saudi ambassador to “discuss US-Kingdom of Saudi Arabia relations.”
Furgus: Sorry but Mccain will not be bringing the troops home anytme soon. Remember 100yrs????

That would be very very bad….8 dollar gas anyone

If he’s in the pocket he stands to make a profit off of higher prices, that could be why he wants to keep the economy the same?

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