Texas Criminal Arrest

Texas criminal arrest
in Texas, is it legal for one parent to give guardianship to someone else without the other parent knowing?

my cousin went to prison 4 years ago, and she lost custody of her daughter to her ex. he up and moved to texas without permission from the courts, and my cousin. since she has been out of prison almost 11/2 she has been trying desperatly to find her daughter. the stepmother has recently found her, long story short, her ex is back in mi. awaiting a 15 year prison sentence for criminal sexual conduct in the second degree. when first arrested he sent their daughter back to texas, so she could not be found. Now according to texas law is that legal, to give his father guardianship.

Under the circumstances with both parents being in prison the child had to have somewhere to go. He should have informed his ex wife where their daughter was/is. Maybe your cuz should hire an attorney or contact the friend of the court or her local family independence agency.

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