Texas State Death Records

Texas state death records
Voter reform bills? VALUE? DUH.. NO provision to verify that ONLY US citizens vote!Demand mental testing??

…Legislators clearly need compentency testing ! Citizens vote…The states/and FEDS collect taxes that are to preserve /protect the nation Yet our Congress refuses to ensure that votes are not compromised by failure to fund and enforce the simple requirement…Voters MUST be US citizens DUH..This is deceit and criminal fraud.
…Many states register “voters” based solely on utility stubs,local address, & maybe a DR liscense. Recently Texas was “embarrassed” to find that their prospective jurors were NOT US citizens..(seems the jury pool is taken from registered voter rolls)
…Why has there been NO demand ( or even noise) for a Federal data base that correlates birth/death records?States have had $ & time yet manyhave yet to complete record update(computer). In todays technological world, identifying a US citizen should be a few mouse clicks away. Yet every election, we joke about how many dead people vote ??
Government “by the people” or arrogant corrupt Congress?

Voters for federal office must be US citizens by law. State offices require voters to be citizens of that state (which in effect requires them to be US citizens). I’m not saying that there isn’t a huge fraud problem (there is – the laws are not being enforced well), just that it is already a requirement. A national ID is not the answer either. Laws are laxly enforced because some influential people whine that legitimate voters will be denied their vote if we make them prove they are citizens before voting but my belief is that those weeded out are likely to be those people who vote based on what others tell them they should do, ie, the people who are unwilling to prepare themselves. The US would be better off anyway if a greater percentage of those who do vote were knowledgeable voters. I’d also like to see the Electoral College strengthened as so many people are now squeezed into narrow strips along the four coasts that vast parts of the country simply have their views mainly ignored. It’s not a big state/little state issue anymore.

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