Texas Criminal Record Reports

Texas criminal record reports
What are the grounds for pressing burglary or theft charges in Texas?

Basically an individual broke into my wife’s home about 5 years ago, stole a bunch of belongings and trashed the place. Because there was no witnesses and he had previously been allowed in the house, no charges could be filed even though it was pretty evident who had done it to those involved. Anyway, the individual recently wrote my wife a letter from jail (because they have a child together) stating that he has possessions of her deceased father and some of her possessions that he intends to keep and not return. Some of these possessions were inside the house. When we took this up with the sheriff, we were told that any belongings not listed on the police report from that night five years ago couldn’t be used against him. He has the belongings but was never given permission to have them and the statue of limitations runs out in about 2 weeks. What if anything can be done? The guy has a very extensive criminal record. Can we press charges? Can we get her belongings back?

There is no private criminal prosecution in the u.s. If the DA will not prosecute, nor can you. If you want to sue him at you own expense with your own lawyer, yes you can do that.

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