Texas Social Security Death Record

Texas social security death record
Is it possible to be born in one state and have a SSN issued in another?

I am doing some genealogy research. And I found birth records for my great uncle in texas but a social security death index that says he passed away in Florida and his SSN was issued in Illinois.

Sure; happens all the time. Before 1980 or so you got your SSN when you applied for your first job, not at birth. I have forgotten exactly when, but the IRS decided that if you were going to claim a child, you had to have an SSN for him/her. The number of dependents went down by millions the year that went into effect.

Anyway, for someone born before then, whatever the year it was, it would be common to be born on the farm, then go to the big city to seek employment; if the big city was across the state line, or your whole family moved west when you were 10, you’d be born in one state and have your SSN issued in another. Then, when you retired to Florida or Arizona, you’d die in a third state.


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