Texas Sheriff Records

Texas sheriff records
if i have a warrant in wisconsin and live in texas can i sit the time in texas?

i have a failure to pay warrant in wisconsin but i now live in texas and it is almost impossible to get a job or my drivers lisence with this charge and the only way to get it off my record is to pay it or sit the time but like i said its impossible to find a job to make the money and i now live in texas so if i go to the texas sheriff office and turn myself in will they let me do my time in texas or extradite me back to wisconsin and if they decide not to extradite me will they take it off my record? the fine is 770$

Unfortunately, any time spent in jail in Texas does not count as far as Wisconsin is concerned.

You will either have to pay them the fine or be extradited back to serve your time if the warrant allows for extradition.

If the State of Wisconsin does not want to extradite…then you’ll have to deal without the ID/License until you pay the fine!

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