Texas Naturalization Records

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Does your credit score affect or has anything to do with the Naturalization Process (becoming a U.S Citizen)?

I’ve been living in the U.S for basically all my life, but recently i have been getting a little too happy with the credit cards and i owe about $10,000 all together. I was keeping up with the payments, but still, it’s a lot of money and i think my credit score has gone down. Do they even look at this for the Naturalization Process? Also, I’m 24 and been here since i was 4yrs old, don’t have a criminal record just a small Class B misdemeanor for Poss.Of Marijuana when i was residing in Texas. But that’s it. Will that affect me as well? Should i put in my application in now, or wait till i pay of this money? I want to put it in now because i really don’t want to get into any little more trouble then get denied all together, u know what i mean?but yea, over all i’m a good law abiding resident. thanks for your help and how long does the process take?? thanks!

If you were a good law abiding green card holder–you would not of gotten into trouble for pot possession, also –at 24–$10.000 in debt is not good–try and get this taken care of. They want people of good moral character. But , no, it will not affect you filing your N-400 form.
That being said–you do not say how long ago your pot possessions was –or how long it stays on your record and if you were over the age of 18 when you were busted.
I would just go ahead and down load the N-400 and begin to fill it out–I would skip the part that asks if you are a criminal–pay them the money and wait and see what happens and worry about that when the time comes–then I would consult an attorney. Get the ball rolling and try to stay out of trouble. Just because you are given the right to naturalization does not give you the right to stay in the country. Even if given naturalization and you get busted again–they can and will -if they choose to revoke your citizenship papers-decline the reissuing of you green card and deport you–a lot of people believe that because they have received naturalization they have all the rights which a born citizen has, but they do not. You are young and this is why I’m telling you this–just keep it in mind and always in the back of your head.
Good luck to you.


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