Texas Look Up Birth Records

Texas look up birth records
HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how do i get my social security card with only my birth certificate? i am 16…

i have my origional birth certificate and i lost my last social security card i have copies of some things(shot records,taks scores,report card,print out when my grandma got me my last social security card) but they said they only take origionals?does anyone work at one of these places?i am only 16 if that helps and no school i.d….iv been to the dps they wouldnt take anything..i havent been to the ss office but iv looked it up and they have the same rules… they are so strict … my maine gaol s to get my ss card so i can get an official texas i.d. so i can get a job..why is this so hard???i am not a terrorist!!! life is hard and we need extra mony in the house it is bad… financialy… please tell me what i can do ?(jobs wont take my birth certificate as id.. please help)

you can get your social security card with your b.c. and your school id or your school program card. If you have a medical insurance card you can use that too. You can use a hospital card too.

If you need more information you can go to www.ssa.gov

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