Texas Arrest Warrant Search

Texas arrest warrant search
Just found out about warrant…what now?

I just found out, while searching for something else, that I have a warrant for my arrest. It is for a traffic related thing, I had a lapse in insurance that hubby did not tell me about and I recieved a citation. It is my fault, I forgot about it, but now I have a warrant, can’t pay it, and am afraid to even get in the car for fear of being pulled over. This is in Collin County Texas…will they let me make a payment schedule? I am also afraid to call….I guess afraid they will come get me if I do. I am a stay at home mom and never had any problems with the law before….what should I do?

You are not in trouble now. But if you drive with a suspended license and an outstanding warrant they will take you to jail and impound your car if you get stopped. So, the best thing is to contact the Clerk Of the Court and make payment arrangements. If you get arrested, it will be a lot more expensive so it would be foolish to try to use the “I can’t afford it” excuse.

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