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Legal (?) Definition of a fence in Texas?

I am in a dilemma. I asked (sued. ..) to a fence. Understand that life in the country (several hectares in each plot), no one knows and have opinions, too, what is the definition of a fence. I'm looking for "Miniamal required" … .. in other words a single thread? Mutliple discussions? Heighth? Any word wisdon be seen … I searched high and low. My assumption, or belief is a unique string to 20 feet intervals suffice. I googled this to death and can not find the answer you need help / appreciated! Sorry for the spelling .. I can not go in and change up: (

Read the trial, the document entitled "Complaint". That tells you what the plaintiff wants the fence to do. He may complain that you and your wife are very ugly and do not want you to watch or be embarrassed by their cows wandering in his cornfield. The presumption is that if winning The trial will build a wall that will solve the problem. This can be a single strand of wire, or three chapters, or ten foot fence for privacy, cloth or metal. Read the trial, should tell you what you ask.

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