Texas Land Records

Texas land records
How long does a State Property Tax Lien Stay on your Record in Texas?

I was curious.I recently inherited a property that has more unpaid taxes, penalties and interest than the land is worth. I know during these rough economic times that the property will get auctioned off, and I figure there will be a judgment soon after for the difference of the final sale price and all the fees and expenses. I understand that part.

I keep hearing conflicting details. Most focus on the credit bureaus which I understand is seven years, but then I also hear 10 years.

I am really curious how long they can keep a judgment on me, say if I want to buy or sell any property 10 or 15 years from now, does the judgment lien stay on forever until paid, or does that disappear after time?
I did a little more research, and the tops taxes can stay is 20 years. After that time, the tax authority has to give it up.

Not sure about Texas specifically. In most states, once the lien is filed, it will stay active for 7 years (typically). However, nothing keeps the state from re-filing every 7 years; thus, re-setting the clock so to speak.

About the only way to clear a tax lien is to pay up.

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