Franklin County Public Records

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Looking for free information about a sexual predator moves next to me. Public records show no details.?

Allen Edward McLaughlin 00CR116714 in the public registry for raping a child in Franklin County, Ohio, case number. He moved to my side. His address is 605 Edgewood Ave. Greenfield Ohio 45123rd I have three grandchildren and I am very concerned about the specifics. All I can understand what I am without pay is FREE public records that had A small child is raped and third stage and has to report offenders for life. Need to know more details about the case, so I know what to look for.

You can go directly to the police and ask them. They give you the information. You can also go to the status page and look for level 3 offenders Convicted sex. You should know. Even his picture in the local library. Basically, you have what you need. Keep your Grandkid aware of what he has done and have no contact. Literally, it goes near your home or children because of the conviction. Level 3 is considered likely to offend re. Here is information on offenders Ohio registered sex. Good Luck. found it:

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