Texas Records Jail

Texas records jail
Wow Willy Nelson goes to jail for six ounces. Texas will actually stick to our country singer Hero?

I suppose I more care at the border. "Texas is stricter than California so he could face time. One of the questions the court and prosecutors to examine is its previous record and considering the fact that several arrests, but this, for crimes related to marijuana, "said Sax." Not surprise me if Texas decided to go with it "Read more:. Nat Geo, I'm not a fan of Willy, but I think it's a bad person tell you that the cost to you .. This is a parody of marijuana should be illegal. But it should have been more careful. one who is cold, I'm not a fan of Willy, but I do not. Dead is very aggressive is not it?

Come on .. His only weed.should be legal anyway

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