Texas Divorce Court Record

Texas divorce court record
support in Texas?

I have court ordered child support Texas.So to know a little about her daughter's father was recently sentenced it.My to spend the rest of his life in prison.I was surprised to hear that there might be a way for me to get the support that is due to me.He has paid nothing since 2002 according to my records of our daughter is only 12.No, this is not a single person knows relationship.If divorce earlier in the program, if Please also answer.I I want to know where to turn.

Unless you pick up some of the social security then u will no payment … If the father of your daughter to receive social security benefits (except SSI), then you may be able to receive support payments for security Social – Contact the child support office space so they can send a notice of seizure for them (social security is very slow when it comes Treatment of notice of seizure and the sooner you contact them or better) If it is not the case, then you're out of luck. There is no program not as a willingness to pay child support husbands! If you need financial assistance or contact the local social services agency for help public.

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