Texas Deaths Records

Texas deaths records
How do I know online, where and how a person died if I know your name, social security number and date of death?

I recently said that my ex-husband had died years ago. I went to the Death Index Social Security and all I said was that he died in August 1991. He did not say where it was his last residence, so I do not know what state he was living at that time. The newspaper in her hometown was not archived obituaries now back online and I really want to find my information online, not in person, for personal reasons. His name was Joseph Allen Whitlow, Sr. lived in Princeton where we got married early 1980s, and his mother still lives there, but I do not want to call and ask for him, after so many years. My source of his death, I thought I lived Texas when he died, worked as a manager of an apartment complex and died of a drug overdose. But I find nothing in the record Texas death data base or log records. Does anyone have an idea how to find this information online?

Your best bet is to go to a library seemed a death that occurred 45 years ago and found no problem

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