Texas State Public Records

Texas state public records
In Texas, a private school legally withhold records?

For Texas schools can not legally hold a private school of student records for students transferring to public school? If the school does not have a state policy in registration of contracts and the family attempted to create a payment plan with no resolution, what are the options?

Yes, of course, If you have not paid. They do not have to accept a payment plan that was in the contract. It is often best business idea for an order withholding of salary to receive payments for a long time that may or may not appear. Imagine how much people would not pay if they knew they could get away with it. (Not that I did it on purpose, but you know what I mean some.) It really depends on the school district may differ from Katy Alief and Fort Bend, etc. on how they handle the situation. The best thing to do is contact the school district and ask them. Take all the records that have newsletters, standardized tests, etc. for the recording site, and ask them to do. Good luck!

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