Texas Search For Criminal Records

Texas search for criminal records
What Woodforest National Bank looking for when you perform a criminal background check?

I applied for the post of credit analyst Woodforest National Bank in Texas. I have a criminal record, however, I have never been convicted of any charges. All charges were dropped before going to court. I answered "NO" to the question on the application that asks about convictions, because I have never been convicted, just arrested and charged. The charges were laid 3 years for impaired driving, open container, possession of marijuana, possession of a dangerous drug, possession of drug Paraphenelia, and even a third degree misdemeanor count of introduction of drugs into a correctional facility (prison aka) .. I know this is a good once, but all charges were dismissed because of illegal search and seizure without probable cause, and its failure to research properly. I an intelligent man with a great GPA and just bad luck, with a lot of time and neglected in my life. As long as I am honest, I have been so far, do you think I'm having a hard time finding work?

charges do not count, only with conviction. If you are in the United States, which are not allowed to ask if you were arrested, all I can ask is that if you have been convicted of a crime, which were no.

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