Texas Inmates Record

Texas inmates record
can give you the address and telephone number met the medical records of an inmate in Huntsville? Texas?

Can you give me the address and phone number of records of inmates released from prison, located in Huntsville, Texas? I need the address and telephone number of medical records in Texas prison in Huntsville otain Information Security Social?

If I can not find the specific phone number I will post the logs, but for now it will not. Unit address and Telephone: 815 12th Street, Huntsville, Texas 77348 / (936) 437-1975 Unit Location: Near the center of Huntsville, Walker County Senior Warden: C. Thomas O'Reilly Regional Director: Robert Treon, Region I Date established unit or online: 1849 * Total employees: 441 employees security *: 316 Non-Security Employees *: 88 Windham Education Employees *: 9 employees hired medical and psychiatric *: Medical = 25; Psychiatric = 3 of the prison population and sex: Maximum of 1524 men: 1705 Located levels of custody: G1 – G5 area, the segregation of approximately: 140 farms: None of manufacturing and logistics, textile factory, production clothing store Mechanical Service Shop Operations: maintenance Additional unit operations: the release of offenders: Download / Liberty / adapting official supervision required, the Media Center, TV store medical capabilities: ambulatory health care, dental and mental health. Managed by UTMB. Special treatment programs: No Programs Education: Literacy, Special Education, CHANGES / Pre-Release, English as a second language, cognitive intervention, Project RIO Career and Technology Programs: Business Administration from the image and multimedia learning programs: Auto Mechanic, Chef / Lee Lee Baker University College of Vocational Training: Auto Mechanics additional programs: Spiritual Growth Programs, welcome back and the first contact with programs in collaboration with the First Baptist Church, Huntsville Community Work Projects: Services provided to city agencies and county and local organizations volunteer programs, chaplaincy, education, drug data * as of May 31, 2005

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