Texas Search For Death Records

Texas search for death records
Looking for military records of the brother of my grandfather Franklin Jefferson Moore of Texas?

Jefferson Franklin Moore b February 1, 1925 in Dallas, Texas, M. and Mrs. A. Revely Moore. Registered in the U.S. World War II dead. Type of Service: Navy Rank: pharmacist service number third mate Class: 6168136 I do not know much more than even a death date of 1945 BEF. Can anyone help me as I research all my sources and found nothing.

http://www.ancestry.com – World War II Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard victims, 1941-1945 Name: Franklin Jefferson Moore On Name: Mr and Mrs Moore Revely A parent Relationship: Parent (Parent): Texas Country: United States Type of accident: Killed in Action roller: ww2c_27 (See an original example: MOORE, parents companion 3c Franklin Jefferson Pharmacist: Mr and Mrs A Moore Revely, Route 3, in Arlington, Texas) Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997 Name: Franklin Jefferson Moore Date of Birth: February 1, 1925 Birth County: Dallas Certificate Number: 9528 Number of roll: Http: / / 1925_0012 www.valortours.com/cgi-bin/boardposting.cgi?id=2763 "Re: 24 Marines, 4th Division, 3rd Battalion, killed on Saipan June 28, 1944 my father's good friend Franklin Jefferson Moore was a sailor killed in Saipan, do you have information on Marina? Posted by Thomas Thomas Milner Milner thom@netutah.com (27/09/2007 3:50:12) In response to this message, please add your name and type the message and send. Franklin http://pilot.familysearch.org–Texas Death 1890-1976 Jefferson Moore B: 2 Feb.1925 D: June 26, 1944, before the occupation Saipan Service: parent of the student: RA Moore (born in Arkansas) Mother: Myrtle Piratt (born Georgetown) Burial: Dallas, Texas, January 4, 1949, Laurel Burial ground of the cemetery Director: William H. Adkisson Revely Moore Moore (Father) B: December 6, 1889, Arkansas, D: 25 Residence Accountant, Moore & Co.:: August 1964, Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas Age at death: 74 years Father: Franklin Moore Mother: Lucy Smith, Penn Jobs Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas Buried: Rose Hill Burial Park – Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas, August 17, 1964 SSN: 456-10-2410 Cause of death: acute posterior due mycardial arterioscleratic cardiovascular disease (also known as a major heart attack), do not contribute to death was right encephalomalacia of the cerebral cortex (or race, I guess) Funeral: Owens-Brumley, Director: R. Divenne Funeral: Hugh M Moore & Sons, at the age of 19 years 4 months 24 days (I hope it helps you to a site recently included in the marine reserve, and another said that the Marines.)

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