Texas People Search Public Records

Texas people search public records
please help legal issue?

okay im 17 years old and i was in a car wiht 4 people 2 of them had marijuana on them i got pulled over for a tail light out we got searched and they found it on 2 guys they went to jail then they searched my car i had nothing so i didnt care they found a bag of marijuana in the car it was not mine im 100% sure i got possetion of marijuana charge went to jail made bail i wana know whats going to happen it was under 2 oz in the state of texas thats a mistaminor i have absolutly nothing else on my record what is going to happen does anyone know? should i get a public deffender i dont have money for lawyer
i was charged as aan adult
i was charged as aan adult

Because you are under 18 years, your case will be handled through the Juvenile Court System.

You were arrested for Possession of Marijuana and it sounds like your state also has what is called “constructive possession.”

I would certainly let my parents know what happened especially if the marijuana was not yours and you had no idea they had the marijuana on them.

Normally in constructive possession cases, the offender (you) would need to know the marijuana was there. A good example of that would be they were smoking in your presence or there was a bag of weed in open view.

There is always the possibility they dropped the marijuana in the car, unknown to you, when the police ordered them out of the car. Since you didn’t say where the marijuana was found…that’s always a possibility!!!

As a minimum, I can see the court sending you through drug rehab and probation if you are found guilty!

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