Texas Locate Records

Texas locate records
how can i find out if i have an arrest warrant in the state of texas for free?

In 2003 I got a speeding ticket and failed to pay it. I am now re-located back to the state in which I got it and am needing to find out how to get it taken care of, but I was told after 3 years your record is wiped totally clean. Can someone help me out with this? I’ve tried contacting my local DPS office only to get tons of busy signals. Thanks!

Believe me, your record is not wiped clean.

What probably happened is they revoked your driving privileges in the state. You’ll need to contact the DMV and find out if that is the case. You’ll have to pay the old ticket, plus the extra penalties, admin fees, and probably a reinstatement fee to get your privileges back.

You may have a bench warrant out on you, but if you contact them first, it’s no big deal. I had to do this with two other states (Vermont and Virginia) several years ago for the same type of thing that was over 10 years old before I could get my license renewed in the state I was living in at the time (Nevada).

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