Texas Arrest Records Search

Texas arrest records search
what happens if you get caught shoplifting?

im 14years old i live in El Paso,Texas and me and my friend were going to different stores shoplifting clothes and electronics! when were caught we got searched and questioned, they found knifes and the stolen stuff we took. we got arrested and were taking to the stores we stolen from and the cops were checking if the items were from there and they were then we went back to the station and my parents picked me up. they told us we were going to court,they said once they find the video that the stores will press charges.what we stole was more then $150! 1)I want to know what they will do to me? 2) Will i get probation? 3)will i have to wear an ankle bracelet?4)will this go on my record?5) am i going to do community service?

1. read you the charges and allow you to plea
2. Yes
3. No
4. yes if convicted
5. yes

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