Texas Records Of Marriage

Texas records of marriage
Dual marriage?

Hi I got married to my college sweetheart in Texas when I was in college ( she was a US resident ) We both realized that It was a huge mistake and the next day we realized we were not ready for this, since then we lost touch etc…now its been 4years.
Im now In colorado and I got a Fiance I who is also a USA citizen and been together for 2 and half years in a relationship.
Now If we get married in Colorado will it be a issue , will they find out about my previous marriage and cause trouble also When I apply for residency through marriage with the Federal govt will they have records of my marriage in Texas.
If they do have records of the marriage whats the easiest way to get it annuled.
Just to add my Ex in Texas legally was considered to be in a common law marriage before we me since she filed for tax with her ex bf, and In texas if you file for tax as a dependent its considered commonlaw marriage , beacause of this was my marriage legal in the first place.

Your second marriage will not be valid, they will likely find out about it, and bigomy is a crime.

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